mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Generation War

Italian Constitution Art. 11

Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other people and as a means for settling international controversies; it agrees, on conditions of equality with other states, to the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among Nations; it promotes and encourages international organizations having such ends in view.

Few days ago we declared war against Libia, namely in support of the revolts against Gaddafi. I don't have the knowledge nor the tools to analize a revolt/revolution that is still taking shape and is still partially obscure in its aims.
However entering into a conflict in a stage where the revolt is being suffocated is a bit suspicious to me: why waiting so long (and let so many people be killed)? If the aim is really to help the population in their quest for freedom, why this horrible delay?

Then Italy is as always the double looser of the situation. As Marco Travaglio said in his weekly editorial this week, Italy is allied with Gaddafi by a recent agreement of collaboration and not-aggression voted by the majority and the bigger opposition party (PD). Berlusconi, even in these last hours, is not hiding his sympathy for the dictator. And yet his government accepted to enter into war, with the Lega being strongly against it (not for a new sense of pacifism and diplomacy, but worried about the consequences in terms of immigration and rising prices of fuel).
On the other hand Italy is a part of Nato and this government has always been pro-Usa and it wouldn't have been strong enough to refuse acces to its military bases neither to the States, nor to the other European countries. As always, we choose the mid-way.

In our constitution is written that `Italy rejects war', yet the authors of this blog have seen their countries in at least four wars in less than fifteen years (and none of these countries was actually directing his hostility toward Italy).
Food for thoughts, I guess.

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