martedì 14 dicembre 2010

A day of doom and gloom

So, Berlusconi is still `alive and kicking'.
The government gained the majority in both branch of the Parliament (in the Lower room with just 314 MPs vs 311).
The government won thank's (technically) to the indecision of Fini's new party (right-wing), that, after splitting this summer with Berlusconi's party and having presented the motion against the government, was not able to have a coherent behavior (not all its members voted against Berlusconi).
Then the MPs' market that Mr B carried out in the last weeks made the rest (and I talk about market with good reason: our current electoral law allows MPs to legally change from one party to another, the only constraint being their own conscience (if they have one at all).
By the way, the Procure of Rome is now investigating because it seems, that beside a bad practice there have also been real bribery.
The case of two of them is exemplar.
Mr Razzi, from IDV (left wing) joined Berlusconi's side because Mr B offers him to be in the next election's list and xxx also claimed that di Pietro, leader of his former party, treated him badly (I am not kidding).
Mrs Polidori, one of the deputy who joined the new party of Fini, voted today for Berlusconi. This is more explicable, not because an affinity in the ideal, but because this lady is the owner of CEPU, the biggest private school/university organization, to which Mr B.'s government has given in the past months much of the money once destined to public education.

So this is it, now Mr B. has proved that he can do anything, he will escape his processes and destroy the remaining good things (?) of our poor country.
Sometimes I ask myself what country is this, that still appreciates a leader who shames his own country, who cares only for his personal affairs, who betray the Constitution and use his powers for his personal aims.
Is there something to still fight for?

Today is the day of doom and gloom, tomorrow will be the day of anger.

We will not stop fighting, even if we feel hopeless.
Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!

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