venerdì 15 ottobre 2010


On October the 2nd people all over Italy -not to mention demonstrations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bruxelles, Dublin, Edimburgh, Lausanne, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Valencia, Washington DC- gathered together in Rome and filled Piazza S. Giovanni up. The police said there had been 15,000 people, the organizers of the event estimated a participation of round 300,000. Fair, isn't it? The demonstration, mostly self-financed and self-arranged , had been held by the Popolo Viola (Purple People) and got immediately many accessions first of all of private citizens and workers but at the same time of realities for justice, rights and democracy associationism, environmentalists, various activists, left-wing politicians. One of the mottoes had been “S.P.Q.R. Sono Premier Quindi Rubo (I'm President therefore I steal)” and the crowd of the procession asked for President Burlesconi's resignation, amendment of electoral law (the possibility of voting the men, not merely the party...), a new law on conflict of interest that would prevent the recurrence of the new Burlesconis. From the stage there had been speeches concerning the constitutional crisis, work, conflict of interest, election law, the press, justice, school. Prof. Paul Ginsborg, Salvatore Borsellino, Ernesto Ruffini, Ilaria Cucchi, Concita Degregorio, artists Andrea Rivera and Ascanio Celestini, musicians, journalists. Few echoes on mainstream news, of course.

I personally saw many people with shining eyes and I myself had many sighs, it was moving and profound and that was its brightest side. To me the presence in that square in that precise moment was something felt as a categorical imperative, as an absolute want. The need to say NO to a bloody corporate reading of the power and the constant attempt to use it to its own advantage. I'm tired of politicians dressed in gessato and sometimes even slug slimy faces, chosen by parties that no more represent us. We've don't have a Parliament: it's actually an hospice recovering over-sized over-aged over-rich numbly smiling grannies and gramps. The problem's not only Burlesconi, which is the perfection of the political trend of Italy in the last 50 years. Yes, I'm pissed off, and I assume that any reasonable person in my country shouldn't stand this kind of corrupted degeneration of Democracy. Decreasing public University, Healthcare and press freedom, increasing street xeno- homo-phobic violence, tax evasion, legal impunity for persons and companies with high income, police state, working tensions and unemployment: are you kidding?! Is this the place my sons to be? No way, and that's why lots of people felt the need of saying NO to all this.

But there's of course a sourer side of the coin. The Popolo viola is a movement not a party, not an association, not a guild nor a league: it's a choise of reason, an act of will, the rejection of a hardship. Yet, there had been in it a grain of perverse deviance which has disrespected the honest lack of will to power of its activists and supporters: the decision about the demonstration was took by the sole facebook page of the 'Popolo Viola National Committee' (2 to 10 people), without seeking advice of the hundreds local groups that are the roots of the movement itself. Kind of rough. With the recognition of the values introduced by the Carta Etica, the 'Ethic Bill' -not of course to be interpretated as a dogma but as a starting point, something in which we can recognize, a compass- I hope that everyone could become even more conscious of what we are and what we are actually living, to give a resolute response of unity and reaction, leave behind every legacy of the old politics and work together for a better place to be.

martedì 5 ottobre 2010


Burlesconi had recently underlined the successes of his Government [we italians are by now used to hear him yelling numbers like “Police busts 402 (+42%); caught criminals 3.844 (+19%); caught fugitives 296 (+83%) - within the 30 most dangerous 18 (+100%), within the 100 most dangerous 39 (+144%) - seized property 6.254 milions of euros (+71%); confiscated property 1.817 milions of euros (+328%)”] but on September the 29th, in perhaps the most critical moment of all of his political career, he went further on and, begging for hte support of the parliament in order to conclude the legislature, he made a long address to the Deputies Chamnber going hog wild - I'd say. Here are some parts of the same section of it:

“The government has achieved in these two years certainly positive results in other areas: the war against organized crime, the control of illegal immigration, the immediate and effective response to any emergency, the management of many corporate crises, the reform of public administration and the digitization of its schools and universities, the launching of a plan for nuclear energy startup and federalism, reform of fiscal policies in the long-awaited reform of public utilities, regulatory and administrative simplification of the pension reform and abolition of the ICI tax on first homes ... We work to ensure global security, European and Atlantic, by actively supporting the processes of disarmament and non-proliferation in all regions of the world ... Before the United Nations, Italy have qualified for a decisive action to protect life, freedom of religion and conscience and defend the rights of women as one of the fundamental human rights. The centrality of the person and the defense of the value of life are, on the other hand, a fundamental axis of orientation of our government action”

Now if you're not naive and have lived for a while in Italy, you may now practically understand the remoteness sometimes might be from words, at one side, and facts, by the other. Let's walk it through again: 1. Burlesconi is not properly allowed to define the bust of a honored, deviant farmer 'a success in the war against mafia'. Mafia's no more tribal stuff of an under-developped, rural society as it is market and finance. 2. management of corporate crisis, yeah, that's it. Unfortunately the way you made it is actually having weighted the lower classes with the financial loss, crushing thus current job and employment situation. 3. well, the global-security stuff is to me simply the raving of a madman. 4. life, freedom of religion and rights of women? What?! Are you kidding?! Northern League want migrant populations to be hang or enslaved, while most of the women in Burlesconi's party are there because they're particulary good in giving blowjobs! Brr.. The thing that really strucks me, however, is the similarity with some other speech we italians have heard or read. Here it is:

[the Government] deals with health care, anti-tuberculosis services, the war against malignant tumors, the supervision on food and drinks, the water supplies, sewerage, drugs and medicines ... in Italy in 1922 there were 198 deaths due to pellagra, while now Veneto, which is the most affected region, has 1,3 deaths per 100000 inhabitants ... we closed, to fight alcohol abuse 25000 of 187000 taverns and heartened the country reminding that 5700 institutions that deal with motherhood and childhood are actually running ... More over, there are no more dangerous thieves in Italy, for we have 60000 carabinieri, 15000 public security agents, 5000 city officers and 10000 units belonging to street, railway and postal troops”

And it is one of Benito Mussolini. Simply goose bumps. I really fear that the next similarities may be of this kind: “is someone wondering about political prisoners? if they do, do not worry, there are very few: 1541 people were cautioned, 959 were warned, 698 were banned to islands ... the fact that almost all banned people turned over to me should be regarded as one of the greatest successes of the Regime”.

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