sabato 10 luglio 2010

"The freedom of the press is not an absolute right"

These are the words of Berlusconi, the day after the press-strike (90% of journalists and media-worker joined the national strike yesterday, against the gaggling-law).
Not only Berlusconi claimed that in a democracy the freedom of the press is not an absolute right, but also he said that it's the leftist press (all the people striking yesterday) to cause the loss of freedom in the media.
The only newspapers out yesterday were Il Giornale (Mr Berlusconi's propriety) and Libero (the extremist rightist newspaper, supporting Berlusconi and his crew).
Yeah, that's freedom.

Another step into dictatorship has been made.

mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

Appeal to the Foreign press (from the Italian Movement against Berlusconi)

Object: Appeal to the foreign press

In the name of freedom of information, press and expression, to show the people disappeared in the earthquake of 6 April 2009 some respect, and to the people of Abruzzi, who have been living in great discomfort ever since, please consult the documentation of the events that occurred July 7, 2010 in Rome today.
The event was organized for the sole purpose of communicating to the public that we live in L'Aquila, and that L’Aquila itself, nowadays is not an example of efficiency to be proud! The earthquake and the many victims have been manipulated for a tiny political propaganda, when the people of Abruzzo still suffers huge inconvenience.
This is the link: : on the facts of July the 7th

In Italy, a coup is underway. From a state of democracy we passed in a police state.

Months ago, known builders were caught on the phone laughing and regretting the fact that there isn’t an earthquake every day! The suffering and distress and the sheer magnitude of the tragedy accounted for their profit and money.
Today in Rome state police negated the basic democratic rights to people from L’ Aquila who were peacefully demonstrating for the reconstruction of their region. Women and men were beaten by the police of "court".
This is state terrorism! Save us from fascism!

They are successfully negating our FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND EXPRESSION
The world can not afford TOLERATING this kind of precedent, or similar arrangements will occur on a regular basis. We can not process them, we can not arrest them!
We are ruled by shady, immoral criminals, in a political system featuring INCOMPTENCE AND CORRUPTION; a system bringing Italy to the brink of desolation and dictatorship.

We are tired of feeling prisoners and at the mercy of a government that restricts freedoms and endangers our daily life, our being citizens of a state of law and democracy.

We are ashamed of this government, We are ashamed of the non existent political opposition itself, but there is no shame to be ITALIAN!