giovedì 17 giugno 2010

Where we are

What's really happening nowadays in Italy?

That's I think a good question. Pretty difficult to answer too.
To make a good start it's better to focus the point of the whole ting, actually the historical moment we're experiencing in this very moment.
How did it start? Well, without going back to ancient, middleage, modern history (and mention the struggle between patricians and plebs, or the Italy of the Comuni, foreing dominations and the fascism) the thing started, for us, on December the 27th 1947, where soon after WW2 the Constitution was signed and tha Repubblic had a proper basis to stand. But for such a beginning, yet the rest to come was something I wouldn't be expecting: the worst thing ever. Primarily we have to realize that the forces playing the italian game are 1. mafia 2. religion 3. leftist minority. The 3rd was obviously excluded by the beginnig from any Governement -never came to power- since american donations and the Vatican made Christian Democrazy lead the country for more than 30 years. DC was a conservative religious party which, as italian standards run even now, was formally holding highly moral values but actually practiced robbery on pubblic risources, slowly depriving the country of his wealth, paving hills woods beaches and vulcanos and variously making most italy poor to enrich a certain minority. You got to remember that one of the actors is mafia, which silently drove her feet in the years to political collocutors and day by day got a ever bigger slice of the cake. The whole scam took a weerd turn after Moro's murder in 1978. After that, we had a political monstrum called the Five Parties which involved DC PSI “Socialists” PSDI “social-dems” PLI “liberals” and PRI “repubblicans”. Uh, for any non-italian reader I suggest not to take literally the adjectivation of the political names, because it never corresponds to. Let's focus for example on the socialists, which along with DC administrated Italy almost till 1992: nothing to do with equal rights, social care, a better place to be; the were thieves, running the Country enjoining prostitutes and, of course, getting ever strongers relations with the mafia - don't forget! “some was communist, because we had the worst scialist party in EU” said an italian folksinger. Uh, was about to forget: in 1981 the P2, a secret massonic aberrated lodge, was discovered intermediating mafia and bankers. Well, by 1992 the situation was this: Mani Pulite or, briefly, 1.408 people convicted for bribery, extortions, illicit fundings to parties and other financial frauds. Italian politics was behaded. What's my opinion? I think DC went on frauding the Country till it wasn't anything to draw; than they passed it on to PSI - the DC to wash its hands and the Socialist to screw what remained stuck to the bottom. Bettino Craxi, THE socialist leader, escaped the laws he had once contributed to make, by fleeing to Hammamet in Tunisia in 1994, where he later died. The scene was empty, everyone was disappointed. Waht could be worse? In 1994, Berlusconi made his entering in Politics, having gained through Crazi 3 channels on italian tube and having founded
Forza Italia, a rightwing but non-political party based on the latin institution of economical AMICITIAE. Berlusconi'd been a former P2st (card n. 1816, along with others of his cronies) and he'd been running this country since than, now we're in 2010. If Craxi was the cleaning out, check what's Berlusconi... After having signed live on screen his “pact with the italians” and having swore on his children not to rise a single tax and get freedom for everyone, he had been appreciably reducing citizen rights, rising up a xenophobic attitude and at the same time letting un-deonounced work go hog wild, cutting down salaries for lower classes and incredibly increasing those of the higher ones, making up economical condonations and lawyal indemnities. For me there are two possibilities: either Italy goes bankrupt or it's going to be something else, an ever-seen renewal of political, lawyal, personal institutions and values.
How do I know it? Because we're not yet at breakdown, and I see the knews: have you ever, in the last ten years, seen italian tv? No?!
Well, you haven't lost much. Just like north-korean, URSS, american or iranian tv. No truth, no information, no discussions: just the one way thought reflecting an orwellian-like live going on, dressed up in spicy ingredients such as sex, cars, fear and parfumes. This is no traditional dictatorship, this is its modern form. We westworld are experiencing that for some 15 years, but in Italy only in the recent times it's been almost fully accomplished. Some evidence for that? I've recently spent 5 days travelling through northern Germany and on my way back I've found the major share news (Tg1, on the 1st network previously owned by the DC, then with Crazi in 1984 attributed to the Governement) with a completely different look and a new editorial of its diector Augusto Minzolini going like this: “Tg1 is the best, modernity and tradition, it draws a straight line between virtual-life and real life (??) it's a window opened on the world (?!)” and then “Our Country is suffering hard times, we need sacrifices; this is the moment for great riforms and modernizing. Italy face better than other countries the economical crisis: italian GDP, occupation (??) [youth unemployment at 29,5%! ] industrial product (somthing 0,n..) we're long far from Greece [not too much, I'd say] so there's an Italy that works, even if understimated by the Newspapers [the paper situation almost equals the tv one and it's more free, but unfortunately no ones read in Italy – on a population of 60mln people we sell 5mln newspapers, and the 3rd most read paper is La Gazzetta dello Sport] and I've tons of national proud!”. If I were God I'do go Oh my Me! To me 99% of that it's just bullshit, and I'll explain why: Tg1 is the less credible ad reliable news on public tv, the 3 networks RAI (the other 2 yet somehow “better” than private Berlusconi's 3networks, which are just simply régime -take a look at Tg4..) and the most governement-orientated. Hearing about “riforms and modernizing” it gives me goose bumbs and a cold thrill in the spine. Really. Than, italian economy: yeah, buddy, we got a high GDP but you know why? Because THIS governement you're being admiring offloads crisis loss to underclasses, research, schools&universities, pensions, police departments while till now generously funding Defence and pumping on heavy industry. Half of the GDP is for politicias fees and regional administration. Poor people do feel the crisis, we've all often seen on the “news” old people stealing in supermarkets pasta, bread or a beaf they weren't eating since long time.
National proud? Are you kidding?! We'got long since now the worst establishment in the EU. Has Minzolini ever heard about the recent scandals involving politicians, civil armor, enterprisers and busybodies whose enquirings' been shared between Florence, Perugia and Rome law courts? This is paradox, almost insanity. After a short time Berslusconi himself made an allegement (on the web-site “Diverted, leftwings magistrates want to subvert the popular vote, are the opposite of Democracy [it seems those enquires have made him a little nervous, he even fears for himself], in tv there's propaganda for the Leftists and brodcasts which make up only calumnation and disinformazion [haha su funny, he's always making up incredible jokes. Should we talk about the abeyance of Travaglio's contract renewal? the suspension of all political formats during election? the fact that in 2002 two journalists and a comedian were expelled banished from tv and that even nowadays Daniele Luttazzi and the Guzzanties play exclusively in theaters?]”
Berlusconi's announced by the beginnig of this legislature that this shall be the reformative ones. If that's so no words are worth but reaction; otherwise, to answer our previous question “where are we?” we may forcedly, necessarily but rationally conclude that Italy's now only at a turn point, in his long lasting experience of being overused and deceived without reaction.
Sorry... but aren't we supposed to wake up?

giovedì 10 giugno 2010

Gaggling-Law: 60 activists identified and stopped by the police

Yesterday, during the pacific protest "Vigil for the Constitution", 60 activists have been identified and stopped by the police, then denounced for "non authorised protest".

The Law finally hits the International media and starts to worry other European Country.

Some fly-blown old Third World dictatorship called Berlusconia, perhaps: but this is Europe, our Europe.
The Guardian The Guardian

AMONG the consequences of Silvio Berlusconi’s long ascendancy over Italy is the numbing of his compatriots’ democratic sensibilities.
The Economist

Now is time to resist. Keep on gighting [intellectual] fighters!

This blog is grieving

Today the Senate approved the so called Gag-Law (Lodo Alfano). The center-leftist opposition (PD) did not vote, the leftist opposition (IdV) having tried to block the Senate, was expelled before the vote.

Now our Freedom of Press and Expression is officially dead and our Constitution is on its Death-Bed.

Tonight there will be a vigil for Our Democracy outside Montecitorio (Deputies Chamber) in Rome, organized by the Popolo Viola (Popular Movement against Berlusconi).

From abroad, we will grieving with them.

giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Re-post: Petitions following the blitz on the Freedom Flotilla

Our position is with the poeple, with all the people involved as victims in the Middle-Eastern conflict, no matter which citizenships or religion or culture they have.
The loss of life provoked by the IDF action is unaccettable, but we should refrain from the hymn of violence raising up in this ours.
This blog stand for Peace and for People and everyone can do a little bit.

Here you can sign two petitions:

Avaz and Amnesty International are campaining for an indipendent and trustable report on the facts: Avaz Amnesty International

Protest of the Israeli leftist against the Government: Israeli Petition

Spread the news.

Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!