giovedì 20 maggio 2010

They try to shut us down

Yesterday the Italian Senate approve the enactment"on tapping" to pratically forbid this practice to the magistrates.
Other articles of the enactment says that:
1. it is forbidden to publish any judicial acts, enactments or legal proceedings, even when it has been deposited (so when it is public);
2. all the kind of media, even private media (blogs etc) will fall under this law and will now be under control of the police;
3. when a magistrate wants to indagate about a priest or a member of the church, he or she should refers first to the bishop under whom competence this member fall.

Points 1-2 are against the article n. 21 of our Constitution (Freedom of expression); the point 2 is against the article n. 3 (Equality of all citizens).

Sign the petition for the freedom of expression in Italy! No gag!