martedì 14 dicembre 2010

A day of doom and gloom

So, Berlusconi is still `alive and kicking'.
The government gained the majority in both branch of the Parliament (in the Lower room with just 314 MPs vs 311).
The government won thank's (technically) to the indecision of Fini's new party (right-wing), that, after splitting this summer with Berlusconi's party and having presented the motion against the government, was not able to have a coherent behavior (not all its members voted against Berlusconi).
Then the MPs' market that Mr B carried out in the last weeks made the rest (and I talk about market with good reason: our current electoral law allows MPs to legally change from one party to another, the only constraint being their own conscience (if they have one at all).
By the way, the Procure of Rome is now investigating because it seems, that beside a bad practice there have also been real bribery.
The case of two of them is exemplar.
Mr Razzi, from IDV (left wing) joined Berlusconi's side because Mr B offers him to be in the next election's list and xxx also claimed that di Pietro, leader of his former party, treated him badly (I am not kidding).
Mrs Polidori, one of the deputy who joined the new party of Fini, voted today for Berlusconi. This is more explicable, not because an affinity in the ideal, but because this lady is the owner of CEPU, the biggest private school/university organization, to which Mr B.'s government has given in the past months much of the money once destined to public education.

So this is it, now Mr B. has proved that he can do anything, he will escape his processes and destroy the remaining good things (?) of our poor country.
Sometimes I ask myself what country is this, that still appreciates a leader who shames his own country, who cares only for his personal affairs, who betray the Constitution and use his powers for his personal aims.
Is there something to still fight for?

Today is the day of doom and gloom, tomorrow will be the day of anger.

We will not stop fighting, even if we feel hopeless.
Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

12-12-1969 12-12-2010

Today is the anniversary of the massacre in Piazza Fontana, Milan.
Another massacre, probably carried out by fascist/right-wing forces, left without justice.

In memory of the victims:

Arnoldi Giovanni,
China Giulio,
Corsini Eugenio,
Dendena Pietro,
Gaiani Carlo,
Galatioto Calogero,
Garavaglia Carlo,
Gerli Paolo,
Mocchi Vittorio,
Papetti Gerolamo,
Pasi Mario,
Perego Carlo,
Sangalli Oreste,
Scaglia Angelo,
Silva Carlo,
Valè Attilio,
Pinelli Giuseppe.

giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

Italian Students-Protest

I will tell you a story about myself.

I am 25 years old and I left Italy in October 2009, after having been awarded (in February) my MA degree with honour grades.
During the last months of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 I was involved in the student protest against the new Education Reform: merging different kinds of high school, bigger classes (more than 35 students), less humanistic subjects, cut to the number of teachers, closure of the smallest primary schools (in a territory like Italy, where the links between big cities and little towns are not easy at all), no afternoon for primary school and in general cuts to the fundings for public school in favor of fundings to private (mostly catholic school), cuts and privatization of public Universities (no more scholarship for poor students, destruction of departments with less than 50 senior lecturers, limited contracts for young researchers that can not be renewed for more than 3 years, teaching-post at 0 euro/month).

We organized a massive protest throughout six months, occupying Universities all across Italy.
We marched in Rome -students of every level from the kids of primary school to the young researchers- we were about a million and other protests were held at the same time other big Italian cities.
One of the few information program of the Public tv, Annozero, dedicated an entire episode to the Protest.
They called us `the Wave".

The first part of the reform, concerning high-school and primary school, became law a few days later.

I left in October 2009, with few hopes for coming back.

Tonight the same informative program is dedicating again an episode to the students-protest.
We did not stop fighting and now, after some months of quiet organization, students and researchers have been striking for more than one month all across Italy.
They occupied the major Italian monuments, starting from the Leaning Tower in Pisa, then the Colisseum; they blocked railways, airports and highways.
All the universities are now occupied, the protest in Rome was bigger than last year's.
Still the second part of the reform passed in the Lower branch without problems.
Italian University is far from perfect, in some places professors comes all from the same family (!), there are faculties which offer far too specialized fields of study. It is all true.
On the other end, we are the country in Europe that spends less in research and education, where even the private sectors do not want to invest in; even if our researchers are highly productive and gladly welcomed all over the world (and therefore are producing richness!).

Now, my tiny hope for a better Italy has just gone.

venerdì 12 novembre 2010

The Last Day of Pompei

As many of you will probably have already heard, earlier this week the House of the Gladiator in Pompei collapsed, after standing for nearly 2.000 years.
If we were to take an omen, like the Romans used to do, that would be a symbolic collapse foreseeing the general collapse of a country with no direction, with no identity, with no sense of culture.
`Culture, what is this?' is probably what some of our ministers would ask -if they do not go with Goebbles'aphorism `when I hear about culture, I take my gun.'.
In a bittersweet comedy, The Barbaric Invasions, exposed the theory of the `cicle of intelligence': a country reaches its maximum in a certain time, when it is at its cultural best, then it inevitably declines and it will take countless centuries to raise up again.
This is where Italy is, right at the bottom of this circle.
Our governants -and those who still support them- are so blind that they cannot even take care of one of the most important archeological sites in the world, already under the protection of Unesco, one of the biggest attractions in Italy (2.5 million tourists each year). They do not care, they spent all the money destined to it for research on marketing (how can you sell something which is collapsing?) and on programming on a visit of Mr Berlusconi -who, by the way, never came to Pompei.
And, joke of all jokes, who was in charge of the site?
Our Minister of Culture, Bondi and the omnipresent Bertolaso (yes, the one who was laughing about another collapse, that of L'Aquila, after last year's earthquake) for Civil Protection.
Right, because we are so cultivated in this country that we do not ask to our brilliant archeologists (and we have many) or Arts-historician to help the conservation of Pompey. No, we ask to the emergency-taskforce.
Pompei survived the ashes and the stones of the Vesuvio protected by the ashes itself, will it survive the dirt, the free-growing vegetation, the wild dogs and the weather?

Furthermore is there any hope for a country who does not value one of the most important sites of the Western world?

Please, don't ask me, I am not a fortune-teller.

mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Ridi, pagliaccio, ridi: The movie that is not a movie

Let's imagine that I will tell you about a new movie, a tragicomic one.

A movie about an old Prime Minister, who mistakes democracy for his own reign.

A movie about an old man that still wants to be a macho.

A man without morals.

This man is called Mr B.

A man who loves escorts, who acts rudely, who has no sense of shame, who organise parties with statal money and who has already been in trouble because of his escorts.

Nothing new, do you say?

And then her, the new victim of Mr B.'s attention. She is a minor, a young immigrant from Marocco, who has been invited to one of those exclusive parties, who has received money for that.

If it is not pedophily, it is still something ethically wrong.

When the new favourite is caught by the police and charged with the accusation of robbery, Mr B phones up the head of the police in Milan to convince him to release her.

Abuse of power.

Then he claims to justify his worries, that she was the nephew of president Mubarak.

A lie to justify the abuse of power.

Then again when the public officer argued that he wanted the girl to remain with the police or go to a protected institution, again mr B. imposed that the girl go away with Nicole Minetti (another young friend of Mr B.).

Abuse of power.

If this was a comedy, then some good man -perhaps policeman, perhaps journalist- would have denounced this behaviour and there would be enough of accuses to force Mr B. to resign from Prime Minister.

Unfortunately this is not a movie nor a comedy.

This is the reality of Italy.

Do you say that in any EU country a Prime Minister would resign because of such a scandal?

So maybe we are in Europe no more.

Because this is what happened that Mr Berlusconi -he himself must be convinced to be a great comic actor- is proud of what he has done and say that `he is just a kind man that loves to help people.. And despite all, is better to chase after girls than being gay.'

Ridi pagliaccio, ridi…

but every woman and every man of some intelligence in Italy is crying.

martedì 2 novembre 2010


Pier Paolo Pasolini (poet, journalist, philosopher, linguist, novelist, playwright, filmmaker, actor, painter and political figure) was killed exactly 35 years ago in Ostia, near Rome. We do regret not to have with us his soft and tender voice, spreading truth and light among the absurdities of this society. Here is one of the articles he wrote, about a year before his death, on the relations between power and politicians, and on the aim of any intellectual who says NO to such a perverted system.
"Memoriam quoque ipsam cum voce perdidissemus, si tam in nostra potestate esset oblivisci quam tacere"

I know.
I know the names of those responsible for what is called a "coup" (which is actually a series of "coup" formed in protection of the power-system).
I know the names of those responsible for the massacre in Milan on December 12, 1969.
I know the names of those responsible for massacres of Brescia and Bologna in the first months of 1974.
I know the names of the "summit" that has operated: therefore, both of the old fascist designers of "coups", and the neo-fascist perpetrators of the first massacres; and finally, the "unknown" material authors of the recent massacres.
I know the names that have managed the two different, indeed opposite phases of the tension: a first anti-communist phase (Milan 1969) and a second antifascist one (Brescia and Bologna 1974).
I know the names of the group of powerful figures who, with the help of the CIA (and the second order of the greek colonels of the mafia), have first created (besides failing miserably) an anti-communist crusade, in order to reverse the '68; and later, again with the help and inspiration of the CIA, have recovered an anti-fascist virginity, to reverse the disaster of the "referendum".
I know the names of those who, from a Mass and the other, have given the provisions and ensured security to army Generals (to keep standing in reserve the organization of a potential coup), young neo-fascists, neo-Nazis (to do create anti-communist tension), and last common criminals, until now, and perhaps forever, without a name (for an anti-fascist tension to come). I know the names of serious and important persons behind the comic characters like the Forestry General who worked, rather an operetta, in Città Ducale as the Italian forests burned, or the gray and purely organizational character as General Miceli.
I know the names of theserious and important people behind the tragic children, who have chosen suicide fascist atrocities, and common criminals which are made available, be it in Sicily or not, as killers and assassins.
I know all these names and know all the facts (killings and attacks on institutions) that you are guilty.
I know. But I have no evidence. I have not even clues.
I know it because I am an intellectual, a writer who trie to be informed about everything that happens, to know everything that is written about it, to imagine all that you do not know or is silent; coordinating events even far away, I brings together disorganized and fragmented pieces of an entire coherent policy framework restoring the logic where there seems to be arbitrariness, madness and mystery.
This is all part of my job and of the instinct of my job. I think it's unlikely that my "draft novel" is wrong, that does not have that bearing on reality, and that its references to real people and facts are inaccurate. I also believe that many other intellectuals and writers know what I know as an intellectual and novelist. Because the reconstruction of the truth about what happened in Italy after the '68 is not that difficult.
This truth - I feel with absolute precision - is behind a large amount of journalistic and political actions, also: that is not fancy or fiction as it's, for its nature, mine. Last example: it is clear that the truth was urgent, with all its names, behind the editorial of the "Corriere della Sera”, November 1, 1974.
Perhaps the journalists and politicians also have evidence, or at least clues.
Now the problem is this: journalists and politicians, although perhaps they do have evidence and clues, tell no names.
To whom then will compete to tell these names? Evidently to the one who not only has the necessary courage, but, together, is not affected by the power in practice, and, moreover, has not, by definition, nothing to lose: that is an intellectual.
An intellectual, therefore, could well tell those names publicly, but has no evidence or clues.
The power and the world which, though not relating to the power, has practical relations with power, excluded the free intellectuals - just for the way it's done – from the ability to have evidence and clues.
It could be argued that I, for example, as an intellectual and a story teller, could go into that explicitly political world ( of and around the power), to compromise with it, and then have the right to participate, with some high probabilities, in evidence and clues.
But to this objection I'd reply that this is not possible, because it is the reluctance to enter such a political world who identifies itself with my potential intellectual courage to tell the truth: that is to tell names.
The intellectual courage of truth and the political practice are two irreconcilable things in Italy.
The intellectual - profoundly and viscerally despised by the whole Italian bourgeoisie - will refer a falsely high and noble warrant -actually servile- to discuss moral and ideological problems.
If he receives this mandate is considered a traitor to his role: it is yelled aloud (as if this was just what to be expected) the "treason of the clerics", an alibi and a reward for politicians and for the servants of the power.
But there isn't only power: there is also opposition to the power. In Italy, this opposition is so large and strong enough to be a power in itself: I am referring of course to the italian communist party.
It is certain that at this time the presence of a large opposition party as the italian communist party is the salvation of Italy and its poor democratic institutions.
The Italian Communist Party is a clean Country in a dirty Country, a fair Country in a dishonest Country, a smart Country in a idiot Country, a literate Country in an ignorant Country, a humanistic Country in a consumerism Country. In recent years between the italian communist party - understood in a truly uniting sense as a compact “ensemble” of leaders, voters and grounding - and the rest of Italy, has opened up a barter for which the talian communist party has become indeed a “separate Country”, an island. It is precisely for this reason that it may now have close relationships like never before with real, corrupt, inept, degraded power: but these are diplomatic relations, almost like between a country and another. In reality the two morals are incommensurable, seen in their concreteness, in their entirety. It is possible, precisely on this basis, to prospect that "compromise", realistic, which perhaps would save Italy from complete collapse: a "compromise" that in reality would be an "alliance" between two neighboring states, or between two states trapped one in the other.
But all the positive things I said about the italian communist party are also the relatively negative side.
The division of the country in two countries - one sank up to their necks in the degradation and degeneration, the other intact and not compromised - can not be a reason for peace and constructiveness.
In addition, designed so as I outlined here - objectively I think - that is as a country in the country, the opposition is identified with another power: which is nonetheless always power.
As a result of that opposition politicians can not fail to behave themselves as men of power.
In this case, in which by now we are so dramatically concerned, they also have referred, to the intellectual, terms of reference established by them. And if the intellectual doesn't accomplish this - purely moral and ideological - term he's therefore, with the greatest satisfaction of all, a traitor.
Now, why even the opposition politicians, if they have - as they probably have - at least evidence or clues, tell not the names of the real, i.e. political, responsibles of the comic coups and frightening massacres in recent years? It's simple: they do not tell them insofar they distinguish - contrary to what an intellectual would do - political truth from political practice. And then, of course, they bring no evidence nor clues to the indipendent intellectuals: given the objective facts they do not even dare to, as otherwise usual.
The intellectual must continue to adhere to what is set as his duty, to iterate its encrypted form of intervention.
I know very well that is not the case - at this particular moment in Italian history - to publicly make a motion of no confidence against the entire political class. It is not diplomatic, it is not appropriate. But these are categories of politics, not of political truth, which – to the extent of his possibilities - the impotent intellectual is required to serve.
Well, just because I can not give the names of those responsible for the attempted coup and massacres (and not instead of it) I can not pronounce my weak and ideal accusation against the entire Italian political class.
And I do so because I believe in politics, I believe in the "formal" principles of democracy, in Parliament and in parties I believe . And of course through my particular viewpoint that is a communist one.
I am ready to retract my vote of no confidence (or rather I do not expect other than that) when a politician - not by chance, that is not because the time has come, but rather to create the possibility of that moment - will decide to name leaders of coups and massacres, which evidently he knows, like me, and have evidence, or at least clues for.
Probably - if the american power will allow - perhaps deciding "diplomatically" to give another democracy what american democracy has been given about Nixon - these names will be known sooner or later. But, to say it, it will take men who'll have shared with them the power: lower charged men against the most responsible ones (and it is not clear, as in the american case, which is better). This would ultimately be the real coup.

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010


On October the 2nd people all over Italy -not to mention demonstrations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bruxelles, Dublin, Edimburgh, Lausanne, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Valencia, Washington DC- gathered together in Rome and filled Piazza S. Giovanni up. The police said there had been 15,000 people, the organizers of the event estimated a participation of round 300,000. Fair, isn't it? The demonstration, mostly self-financed and self-arranged , had been held by the Popolo Viola (Purple People) and got immediately many accessions first of all of private citizens and workers but at the same time of realities for justice, rights and democracy associationism, environmentalists, various activists, left-wing politicians. One of the mottoes had been “S.P.Q.R. Sono Premier Quindi Rubo (I'm President therefore I steal)” and the crowd of the procession asked for President Burlesconi's resignation, amendment of electoral law (the possibility of voting the men, not merely the party...), a new law on conflict of interest that would prevent the recurrence of the new Burlesconis. From the stage there had been speeches concerning the constitutional crisis, work, conflict of interest, election law, the press, justice, school. Prof. Paul Ginsborg, Salvatore Borsellino, Ernesto Ruffini, Ilaria Cucchi, Concita Degregorio, artists Andrea Rivera and Ascanio Celestini, musicians, journalists. Few echoes on mainstream news, of course.

I personally saw many people with shining eyes and I myself had many sighs, it was moving and profound and that was its brightest side. To me the presence in that square in that precise moment was something felt as a categorical imperative, as an absolute want. The need to say NO to a bloody corporate reading of the power and the constant attempt to use it to its own advantage. I'm tired of politicians dressed in gessato and sometimes even slug slimy faces, chosen by parties that no more represent us. We've don't have a Parliament: it's actually an hospice recovering over-sized over-aged over-rich numbly smiling grannies and gramps. The problem's not only Burlesconi, which is the perfection of the political trend of Italy in the last 50 years. Yes, I'm pissed off, and I assume that any reasonable person in my country shouldn't stand this kind of corrupted degeneration of Democracy. Decreasing public University, Healthcare and press freedom, increasing street xeno- homo-phobic violence, tax evasion, legal impunity for persons and companies with high income, police state, working tensions and unemployment: are you kidding?! Is this the place my sons to be? No way, and that's why lots of people felt the need of saying NO to all this.

But there's of course a sourer side of the coin. The Popolo viola is a movement not a party, not an association, not a guild nor a league: it's a choise of reason, an act of will, the rejection of a hardship. Yet, there had been in it a grain of perverse deviance which has disrespected the honest lack of will to power of its activists and supporters: the decision about the demonstration was took by the sole facebook page of the 'Popolo Viola National Committee' (2 to 10 people), without seeking advice of the hundreds local groups that are the roots of the movement itself. Kind of rough. With the recognition of the values introduced by the Carta Etica, the 'Ethic Bill' -not of course to be interpretated as a dogma but as a starting point, something in which we can recognize, a compass- I hope that everyone could become even more conscious of what we are and what we are actually living, to give a resolute response of unity and reaction, leave behind every legacy of the old politics and work together for a better place to be.

martedì 5 ottobre 2010


Burlesconi had recently underlined the successes of his Government [we italians are by now used to hear him yelling numbers like “Police busts 402 (+42%); caught criminals 3.844 (+19%); caught fugitives 296 (+83%) - within the 30 most dangerous 18 (+100%), within the 100 most dangerous 39 (+144%) - seized property 6.254 milions of euros (+71%); confiscated property 1.817 milions of euros (+328%)”] but on September the 29th, in perhaps the most critical moment of all of his political career, he went further on and, begging for hte support of the parliament in order to conclude the legislature, he made a long address to the Deputies Chamnber going hog wild - I'd say. Here are some parts of the same section of it:

“The government has achieved in these two years certainly positive results in other areas: the war against organized crime, the control of illegal immigration, the immediate and effective response to any emergency, the management of many corporate crises, the reform of public administration and the digitization of its schools and universities, the launching of a plan for nuclear energy startup and federalism, reform of fiscal policies in the long-awaited reform of public utilities, regulatory and administrative simplification of the pension reform and abolition of the ICI tax on first homes ... We work to ensure global security, European and Atlantic, by actively supporting the processes of disarmament and non-proliferation in all regions of the world ... Before the United Nations, Italy have qualified for a decisive action to protect life, freedom of religion and conscience and defend the rights of women as one of the fundamental human rights. The centrality of the person and the defense of the value of life are, on the other hand, a fundamental axis of orientation of our government action”

Now if you're not naive and have lived for a while in Italy, you may now practically understand the remoteness sometimes might be from words, at one side, and facts, by the other. Let's walk it through again: 1. Burlesconi is not properly allowed to define the bust of a honored, deviant farmer 'a success in the war against mafia'. Mafia's no more tribal stuff of an under-developped, rural society as it is market and finance. 2. management of corporate crisis, yeah, that's it. Unfortunately the way you made it is actually having weighted the lower classes with the financial loss, crushing thus current job and employment situation. 3. well, the global-security stuff is to me simply the raving of a madman. 4. life, freedom of religion and rights of women? What?! Are you kidding?! Northern League want migrant populations to be hang or enslaved, while most of the women in Burlesconi's party are there because they're particulary good in giving blowjobs! Brr.. The thing that really strucks me, however, is the similarity with some other speech we italians have heard or read. Here it is:

[the Government] deals with health care, anti-tuberculosis services, the war against malignant tumors, the supervision on food and drinks, the water supplies, sewerage, drugs and medicines ... in Italy in 1922 there were 198 deaths due to pellagra, while now Veneto, which is the most affected region, has 1,3 deaths per 100000 inhabitants ... we closed, to fight alcohol abuse 25000 of 187000 taverns and heartened the country reminding that 5700 institutions that deal with motherhood and childhood are actually running ... More over, there are no more dangerous thieves in Italy, for we have 60000 carabinieri, 15000 public security agents, 5000 city officers and 10000 units belonging to street, railway and postal troops”

And it is one of Benito Mussolini. Simply goose bumps. I really fear that the next similarities may be of this kind: “is someone wondering about political prisoners? if they do, do not worry, there are very few: 1541 people were cautioned, 959 were warned, 698 were banned to islands ... the fact that almost all banned people turned over to me should be regarded as one of the greatest successes of the Regime”.

Check those things out by yourself connecting to and

martedì 21 settembre 2010

Italy: No country for LGBT people

Yesterday, minister Giovanardi affirmed that: "The permission of adobtion given to LG couples raise the buy and sell of children"
That discriminatory phrase is another proof of the direction that Italian government and generally Italian society is taking towards LBGT people.
Only this summer the denounced aggressions against LBGT people have been at least 15 (in Rome, Padova, Vicenza, Frosinone, Torre del Lago, Viareggio, Cagliari, Ostia).
And we still do not have a law against homophobia and while the EU asks for an European law protecting the rights of same-sex couple and the recognition of same-sex civil partnership/marriage in all the countries memebers of the E.U., Italy and Poland have been the only two nations to say NO.

venerdì 10 settembre 2010

An ordinary crazy summer in Italian Politics.

What did it happen this summer?
That the government split up because Gianfranco Fini, President of the Camera (Italian lower court of the Parliament), former ally of president Berlusconi, has been radiated from the Partito della Libertà (to tell a bad joke, it's the party of all freedom except the freedom of expression).
Gianfranco Fini brought with him about 70 deputies and found a new party Futura e Libertà, proclaming himself "defensor of the legality", trying to appeal to those electors of the right-wing tired of Mr Berlusconi's self-centered laws.

What then?
Berlusconi's newspaper heated up the Italian summer trying to prove how much Mr Fini was corrupted, with hatred tones, but without demonstrating anything convincing.
In the meantime the Lega (North Nationalist and Indipendentis party) rises his voice once again, menacing to go to anticpated election.
That should be a good news for everyone sick of Mr B., ins't it?

In a normal country, you will exspect the opposition, the left wing, to start oprganizing and pushing for new election.
But this is Italy and while Berlusconi is struggling, the major left party is killing itself once again (they are quite use to it), one of his leader (Veltroni) forming a new stream of the party, in fact preparing a scission.
The only thing that all the so-called leftist agree with is to block the raise of Niki Vendola, leader of Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà, who, after the popular success in Puglia, proposed himself to be the leader of a new leftist coalition.

Mr B. can sleep in golden stream omnce again.

domenica 1 agosto 2010

2/08/1980 - 2/08/2010 We will not forget

Today is the 30th annuversary of the Terroristic Attack in the Bologna Station, that killed about 80 people and wounded about 200.
Today in Bolagna a demonstration will be held and no one from the government will come to remeber the victims of this bloodshed.

Who and why acted this way 30th years ago is another Italian mistery; probably the Rightist terrorists had the main role in it, but the the investigation has been thrown off the track so many times by the Italian Secret Service itself.

This blog is united with the Victims' Relatives Organization in Bologna in asking for truh and respect for the victims, the survivors and their relatives.

We will not forget:

* Antonella Ceci, 19
* Angela Marino, 23
* Leo Luca Marino, 24
* Domenica Marino, 26
* Errica Frigerio, 57
* Vito Diomede Fresa, 62
* Cesare Francesco Diomede Fresa, 14
* Anna Maria Bosio, 28
* Carlo Mauri, 32
* Luca Mauri, 6
* Eckhardt Mader, 14
* Margret Rohrs, 39
* Kai Mader, 8
* Sonia Burri, 7
* Patrizia Messineo, 18
* Silvana Serravalli, 34
* Manuela Gallon, 11
* Natalia Agostini, 40
* Marina Antonella Trolese, 16
* Anna Maria Salvagnini, 51
* Roberto De Marchi, 21
* Elisabetta Manea , 60
* Eleonora Geraci, 46
* Vittorio Vaccaro, 24
* Velia Carli, 50
* Salvatore Lauro, 57
* Paolo Zecchi, 23
* Viviana Bugamelli, 23
* Catherine Helen Mitchell, 22
* John Andrew Kolpinski, 22
* Angela Fresu, 3
* Maria Fresu, 24
* Loredana Molina, 44
* Angelica Tarsi, 72
* Katia Bertasi, 34
* Mirella Fornasari, 36
* Euridia Bergianti, 49
* Nilla Natali, 25
* Franca Dall'Olio, 20
* Rita Verde, 23
* Flavia Casadei, 18
* Giuseppe Patruno, 18
* Rossella Marceddu, 19
* Davide Caprioli, 20
* Vito Ales, 20
* Iwao Sekiguchi, 20
* Brigitte Drouhard, 21
* Roberto Procelli, 21
* Mauro Alganon, 22
* Maria Angela Marangon, 22
* Verdiana Bivona, 22
* Francisco Gómez Martínez, 23
* Mauro Di Vittorio, 24
* Sergio Secci, 24
* Roberto Gaiola, 25
* Angelo Priore, 26
* Onofrio Zappalà, 27
* Pio Carmine Remollino, 31
* Gaetano Roda, 31
* Antonino Di Paola, 32
* Mirco Castellaro, 33
* Nazzareno Basso, 33
* Vincenzo Petteni, 34
* Salvatore Seminara, 34
* Carla Gozzi, 36
* Umberto Lugli, 38
* Fausto Venturi, 38
* Argeo Bonora, 42
* Francesco Betti, 44
* Mario Sica, 44
* Pier Francesco Laurenti, 44
* Paolino Bianchi, 50
* Vincenzina Sala, 50
* Berta Ebner, 50
* Vincenzo Lanconelli, 51
* Lina Ferretti, 53
* Romeo Ruozi, 54
* Amorveno Marzagalli, 54
* Antonio Francesco Lascala, 56
* Rosina Barbaro, 58
* Irene Breton, 61
* Pietro Galassi, 66
* Lidia Olla, 67
* Maria Idria Avati, 80
* Antonio Montanari, 86

Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!

sabato 10 luglio 2010

"The freedom of the press is not an absolute right"

These are the words of Berlusconi, the day after the press-strike (90% of journalists and media-worker joined the national strike yesterday, against the gaggling-law).
Not only Berlusconi claimed that in a democracy the freedom of the press is not an absolute right, but also he said that it's the leftist press (all the people striking yesterday) to cause the loss of freedom in the media.
The only newspapers out yesterday were Il Giornale (Mr Berlusconi's propriety) and Libero (the extremist rightist newspaper, supporting Berlusconi and his crew).
Yeah, that's freedom.

Another step into dictatorship has been made.

mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

Appeal to the Foreign press (from the Italian Movement against Berlusconi)

Object: Appeal to the foreign press

In the name of freedom of information, press and expression, to show the people disappeared in the earthquake of 6 April 2009 some respect, and to the people of Abruzzi, who have been living in great discomfort ever since, please consult the documentation of the events that occurred July 7, 2010 in Rome today.
The event was organized for the sole purpose of communicating to the public that we live in L'Aquila, and that L’Aquila itself, nowadays is not an example of efficiency to be proud! The earthquake and the many victims have been manipulated for a tiny political propaganda, when the people of Abruzzo still suffers huge inconvenience.
This is the link: : on the facts of July the 7th

In Italy, a coup is underway. From a state of democracy we passed in a police state.

Months ago, known builders were caught on the phone laughing and regretting the fact that there isn’t an earthquake every day! The suffering and distress and the sheer magnitude of the tragedy accounted for their profit and money.
Today in Rome state police negated the basic democratic rights to people from L’ Aquila who were peacefully demonstrating for the reconstruction of their region. Women and men were beaten by the police of "court".
This is state terrorism! Save us from fascism!

They are successfully negating our FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND EXPRESSION
The world can not afford TOLERATING this kind of precedent, or similar arrangements will occur on a regular basis. We can not process them, we can not arrest them!
We are ruled by shady, immoral criminals, in a political system featuring INCOMPTENCE AND CORRUPTION; a system bringing Italy to the brink of desolation and dictatorship.

We are tired of feeling prisoners and at the mercy of a government that restricts freedoms and endangers our daily life, our being citizens of a state of law and democracy.

We are ashamed of this government, We are ashamed of the non existent political opposition itself, but there is no shame to be ITALIAN!

giovedì 17 giugno 2010

Where we are

What's really happening nowadays in Italy?

That's I think a good question. Pretty difficult to answer too.
To make a good start it's better to focus the point of the whole ting, actually the historical moment we're experiencing in this very moment.
How did it start? Well, without going back to ancient, middleage, modern history (and mention the struggle between patricians and plebs, or the Italy of the Comuni, foreing dominations and the fascism) the thing started, for us, on December the 27th 1947, where soon after WW2 the Constitution was signed and tha Repubblic had a proper basis to stand. But for such a beginning, yet the rest to come was something I wouldn't be expecting: the worst thing ever. Primarily we have to realize that the forces playing the italian game are 1. mafia 2. religion 3. leftist minority. The 3rd was obviously excluded by the beginnig from any Governement -never came to power- since american donations and the Vatican made Christian Democrazy lead the country for more than 30 years. DC was a conservative religious party which, as italian standards run even now, was formally holding highly moral values but actually practiced robbery on pubblic risources, slowly depriving the country of his wealth, paving hills woods beaches and vulcanos and variously making most italy poor to enrich a certain minority. You got to remember that one of the actors is mafia, which silently drove her feet in the years to political collocutors and day by day got a ever bigger slice of the cake. The whole scam took a weerd turn after Moro's murder in 1978. After that, we had a political monstrum called the Five Parties which involved DC PSI “Socialists” PSDI “social-dems” PLI “liberals” and PRI “repubblicans”. Uh, for any non-italian reader I suggest not to take literally the adjectivation of the political names, because it never corresponds to. Let's focus for example on the socialists, which along with DC administrated Italy almost till 1992: nothing to do with equal rights, social care, a better place to be; the were thieves, running the Country enjoining prostitutes and, of course, getting ever strongers relations with the mafia - don't forget! “some was communist, because we had the worst scialist party in EU” said an italian folksinger. Uh, was about to forget: in 1981 the P2, a secret massonic aberrated lodge, was discovered intermediating mafia and bankers. Well, by 1992 the situation was this: Mani Pulite or, briefly, 1.408 people convicted for bribery, extortions, illicit fundings to parties and other financial frauds. Italian politics was behaded. What's my opinion? I think DC went on frauding the Country till it wasn't anything to draw; than they passed it on to PSI - the DC to wash its hands and the Socialist to screw what remained stuck to the bottom. Bettino Craxi, THE socialist leader, escaped the laws he had once contributed to make, by fleeing to Hammamet in Tunisia in 1994, where he later died. The scene was empty, everyone was disappointed. Waht could be worse? In 1994, Berlusconi made his entering in Politics, having gained through Crazi 3 channels on italian tube and having founded
Forza Italia, a rightwing but non-political party based on the latin institution of economical AMICITIAE. Berlusconi'd been a former P2st (card n. 1816, along with others of his cronies) and he'd been running this country since than, now we're in 2010. If Craxi was the cleaning out, check what's Berlusconi... After having signed live on screen his “pact with the italians” and having swore on his children not to rise a single tax and get freedom for everyone, he had been appreciably reducing citizen rights, rising up a xenophobic attitude and at the same time letting un-deonounced work go hog wild, cutting down salaries for lower classes and incredibly increasing those of the higher ones, making up economical condonations and lawyal indemnities. For me there are two possibilities: either Italy goes bankrupt or it's going to be something else, an ever-seen renewal of political, lawyal, personal institutions and values.
How do I know it? Because we're not yet at breakdown, and I see the knews: have you ever, in the last ten years, seen italian tv? No?!
Well, you haven't lost much. Just like north-korean, URSS, american or iranian tv. No truth, no information, no discussions: just the one way thought reflecting an orwellian-like live going on, dressed up in spicy ingredients such as sex, cars, fear and parfumes. This is no traditional dictatorship, this is its modern form. We westworld are experiencing that for some 15 years, but in Italy only in the recent times it's been almost fully accomplished. Some evidence for that? I've recently spent 5 days travelling through northern Germany and on my way back I've found the major share news (Tg1, on the 1st network previously owned by the DC, then with Crazi in 1984 attributed to the Governement) with a completely different look and a new editorial of its diector Augusto Minzolini going like this: “Tg1 is the best, modernity and tradition, it draws a straight line between virtual-life and real life (??) it's a window opened on the world (?!)” and then “Our Country is suffering hard times, we need sacrifices; this is the moment for great riforms and modernizing. Italy face better than other countries the economical crisis: italian GDP, occupation (??) [youth unemployment at 29,5%! ] industrial product (somthing 0,n..) we're long far from Greece [not too much, I'd say] so there's an Italy that works, even if understimated by the Newspapers [the paper situation almost equals the tv one and it's more free, but unfortunately no ones read in Italy – on a population of 60mln people we sell 5mln newspapers, and the 3rd most read paper is La Gazzetta dello Sport] and I've tons of national proud!”. If I were God I'do go Oh my Me! To me 99% of that it's just bullshit, and I'll explain why: Tg1 is the less credible ad reliable news on public tv, the 3 networks RAI (the other 2 yet somehow “better” than private Berlusconi's 3networks, which are just simply régime -take a look at Tg4..) and the most governement-orientated. Hearing about “riforms and modernizing” it gives me goose bumbs and a cold thrill in the spine. Really. Than, italian economy: yeah, buddy, we got a high GDP but you know why? Because THIS governement you're being admiring offloads crisis loss to underclasses, research, schools&universities, pensions, police departments while till now generously funding Defence and pumping on heavy industry. Half of the GDP is for politicias fees and regional administration. Poor people do feel the crisis, we've all often seen on the “news” old people stealing in supermarkets pasta, bread or a beaf they weren't eating since long time.
National proud? Are you kidding?! We'got long since now the worst establishment in the EU. Has Minzolini ever heard about the recent scandals involving politicians, civil armor, enterprisers and busybodies whose enquirings' been shared between Florence, Perugia and Rome law courts? This is paradox, almost insanity. After a short time Berslusconi himself made an allegement (on the web-site “Diverted, leftwings magistrates want to subvert the popular vote, are the opposite of Democracy [it seems those enquires have made him a little nervous, he even fears for himself], in tv there's propaganda for the Leftists and brodcasts which make up only calumnation and disinformazion [haha su funny, he's always making up incredible jokes. Should we talk about the abeyance of Travaglio's contract renewal? the suspension of all political formats during election? the fact that in 2002 two journalists and a comedian were expelled banished from tv and that even nowadays Daniele Luttazzi and the Guzzanties play exclusively in theaters?]”
Berlusconi's announced by the beginnig of this legislature that this shall be the reformative ones. If that's so no words are worth but reaction; otherwise, to answer our previous question “where are we?” we may forcedly, necessarily but rationally conclude that Italy's now only at a turn point, in his long lasting experience of being overused and deceived without reaction.
Sorry... but aren't we supposed to wake up?

giovedì 10 giugno 2010

Gaggling-Law: 60 activists identified and stopped by the police

Yesterday, during the pacific protest "Vigil for the Constitution", 60 activists have been identified and stopped by the police, then denounced for "non authorised protest".

The Law finally hits the International media and starts to worry other European Country.

Some fly-blown old Third World dictatorship called Berlusconia, perhaps: but this is Europe, our Europe.
The Guardian The Guardian

AMONG the consequences of Silvio Berlusconi’s long ascendancy over Italy is the numbing of his compatriots’ democratic sensibilities.
The Economist

Now is time to resist. Keep on gighting [intellectual] fighters!

This blog is grieving

Today the Senate approved the so called Gag-Law (Lodo Alfano). The center-leftist opposition (PD) did not vote, the leftist opposition (IdV) having tried to block the Senate, was expelled before the vote.

Now our Freedom of Press and Expression is officially dead and our Constitution is on its Death-Bed.

Tonight there will be a vigil for Our Democracy outside Montecitorio (Deputies Chamber) in Rome, organized by the Popolo Viola (Popular Movement against Berlusconi).

From abroad, we will grieving with them.

giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Re-post: Petitions following the blitz on the Freedom Flotilla

Our position is with the poeple, with all the people involved as victims in the Middle-Eastern conflict, no matter which citizenships or religion or culture they have.
The loss of life provoked by the IDF action is unaccettable, but we should refrain from the hymn of violence raising up in this ours.
This blog stand for Peace and for People and everyone can do a little bit.

Here you can sign two petitions:

Avaz and Amnesty International are campaining for an indipendent and trustable report on the facts: Avaz Amnesty International

Protest of the Israeli leftist against the Government: Israeli Petition

Spread the news.

Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!

giovedì 20 maggio 2010

They try to shut us down

Yesterday the Italian Senate approve the enactment"on tapping" to pratically forbid this practice to the magistrates.
Other articles of the enactment says that:
1. it is forbidden to publish any judicial acts, enactments or legal proceedings, even when it has been deposited (so when it is public);
2. all the kind of media, even private media (blogs etc) will fall under this law and will now be under control of the police;
3. when a magistrate wants to indagate about a priest or a member of the church, he or she should refers first to the bishop under whom competence this member fall.

Points 1-2 are against the article n. 21 of our Constitution (Freedom of expression); the point 2 is against the article n. 3 (Equality of all citizens).

Sign the petition for the freedom of expression in Italy! No gag!

venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Italian Police go hog wild

Hard times for freak people in Italy, being you a stranger, a drug-addicted,
just drunk or whatever. I'm speaking of no violent or aggressive people who do
deserve some kind of intervention and help, but out-casted persons who damage
only themselves. And it doesn't concern a particular police-unit, but the whole
corp. The list of casualties in arrests it's something really scary, and it
makes you pray not to be stopped not once.. I'm speaking after the last legal
pronounciation ( English Text
) over Cucchi's case, the 31 years old boy died for not recieving the proper
therapy after being violently beaten by the penitentiary police. More than 20
persons are inquired into for this death, but there's a strong will to protect
the police force. And that's not the first time: two days ago 4 strangers,
cought drunk on the streets -and not in a car!- were stopped for 4 hours in
Ferrara PD. There's a film with the arrested guys in handcuff, down on the
floor and policemen surrounding them with a nightstick. Something weerd's going
on for sure. But hte police Defence says the guys were violent and hurted 7
policemen. On June 15th 2008 Guseppe Uva was arrested drunk and died after a
medical administration which were deadly to him. On November 11th 2007 Gabriele
Sandri, a Lazio supporter, was killed by a gunshot of a policeman in Arezzo,
while leaving with a car the scene of a violent clash with Juventus supporters.
The policeman seems to be firing aiming at, but the Defence said he was firing
up but then the metal wire of the street diverted the shot -the very same thing
which occurred, for the Defence, in the death of Carlo Giuliani during Genoa
Social Forum 2001, but in that case was a piece of rubble diverting the shot...-
. On September 25th 2005 a 18 years old boy was stopped FOR NOTHING by
policemen who handcuffed him on the concrete and walked on him repetedly. He
died for cardiac-pulmonary arrest and he got cranial-facial traumas. Aren't we
supposed to be scared to go out and to tremble in seing a policecar pass next
to us on the streets?

See also the italian considerations on Beppe Grillo, Giuseppe unáltra vittima di stato

domenica 25 aprile 2010

Happy Liberation day!

Sing along Bella Ciao (here you can find the English version) with us:

One morning I awakened
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
One morning I awakened
And I found the invader

Oh partisan carry me away
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
Oh partisan carry me away
Because I feel death approaching

And if I die as a partisan
(And if I die on the mountain)
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
And if I die as a partisan
(And if I die on the mountain)
Then you must bury me

Bury me up in the mountain
(And you have to bury me)
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
Bury me up in the mountain
(And you have to bury me)
Under the shade of a beautiful flower

And the people who shall pass
(And all those who shall pass)
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
And the people who shall pass
(And all those who shall pass)
Will tell me: "what a beautiful flower"
(And they will say: "what a beautiful flower")

This is the flower of the partisan
(And this is the flower of the partisan)
Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!
This is the flower of the partisan
(And this is the flower of the partisan)
Who died for freedom

Never forget: memory will keep us free!

*keep on fihting, Intellectual Fighters!*

and visit the site of the INSMLI (Institution fot the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy"

venerdì 23 aprile 2010

25th April, Resistance and Revisionistic Amnesia.

On Sunday will be the Italian Liberation Day, the day that commemorates the defeat of Fascism and Nazism in our country.
Italy, like France, had a inner movement of liberation, called Movimento Parigiano, formed by people of different heritage and view, fighting together to free our country from the Fascists and the German occupation.
The US alley stayed only in the extreme south of the peninsula, playing the double game between the King and the Prime Minister (exponent of the Fascist party) and the Resistents.
Thos men and those women gave us freedom and democracy and left us that marveillous gift, our Constitution, that nowadays too many politicians have forgotten.
Today another attack was launched to the memory of our Partigiani by Cirelli, ex parlamentar now president of Salerno's province; he stayed that Italia was made free by the US and the partisans were just agents of the Russian and if they would have liberated Italy, they would have thrwn it in the hand of the Communist.
He eraised all the mentions of the Partisans from the celbrating posters and from the celebration.
That a lie and mystification of the history; the most terryfing aspect of this is that most of the Italians, especially the youngest, do not understand what we are talking about.
We have to duty to preserve our memory and our history, because the ignorance is the first step to loose our freedom.
That is the reason way we will not be ashamed to sing "Bella Ciao"(Goodbye, Darling)-one of the most famous Song of the Resistance- this Sunday.

Keep on fighting, Intellectual fighters!

This is the blossom of those that died here
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
This is the blossom of those that died here
For land and liberty.

venerdì 16 aprile 2010

Supreme Court says "ni" to same-sex partnership

Couldn't say "yes", because that would have been to brave, couldn't say "not" because perhaps the judges had some liberal views, the Italian Supreme Court after a month rejected the appeals of several LG couple that claimed their rights to marry/had their marriage abroad and wanted their union recognised in Italy.
The Court choose the in-famous "Italian middle way" and said that "this is a matter only the Parliament can decide."
Even if the EU Parliament clearly stated that the act performed by a National institution inside the EU should be recognised by all other state-members (just sometimes Italy forget to be a member of the EU); no good news for all the lovely people who married abroad, then. And no hope for those who can not (or do not want to) marry abroad.
As always, our country confirm itself as bigott.

mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Law is not equal

The President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, has approved the law, called "Legittimo impedimento", that will allow Berlusconi to postpone the rials against him for 18 months (enough to make them fall into prescription).
Another piece of Italian Democracy felt apart: law is not equal for everyone anymore.

The history of Liberty is the history of Resistance
W.T. Wilson

Keep on fighting, Intellectual Fighters!

mercoledì 24 marzo 2010

Rai for one night

A manifestation to defend the freedom of expression in the public television and in all the media!
Streaming of the talk-show hosted by the censored show-man Michele Santoro:

Thursday, 25th of March

London, 14 High Parade, Streatham Hi. Rd SW 16 1EX h. 19 p.m.

If you can't be there, remember to wear something violet to support us!

venerdì 5 marzo 2010

Walzer of Lists

If you have to do something, let's say, if you to handle a document o pay a bill and you have a deadline, what happens when you can not meet it?
They will cut off your light or water, professors can kick you out of class.

What happens when in Italy the majority party, the PdL, does not observe the deadline in presenting the candidates' lists?
That the leader of this party shout, accusing the minority party of plotting and menacing a golpe. Screaming tha the Justice system is soaked with Communists and asking for the election to be posticipated.
Because they- the government, the majority party- were late in presenting their lists.
Because they gave false signatures and identities, they faked the identities or presented less signatures than require.
And still they scream of gerrymandering.

Because in Italy Democracy is when you vote and Berlusconi wins, no metter how.
If mr President could not win, then the game is faked, the game is false.
This is not democracy, this is shame.
If it were a movie, it would give us a good laugh. But that it is not a movie and it is not funny at all.

And in all of these our oppositin leader is only able to say "we are not hoping to win because we have no opponent."
The majority party ask for a golpe and this is all you have to say?
The PdL breaks the rule and then try to make a law against this previous rules and you- opposition says nothing?

It is true that Law is equal, but for a certain B. is even more equal.

"I want to be the minority
I don't need your authority
Down with the moral majority
'Cause I want to be the minority."

giovedì 4 marzo 2010

We are not giving up!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but sometimes real life fighting can be a bit overwhelming.
We are not giving up on fighting!
This is a link to the interview I gave to Hyronis TV:
Interview (Ita) "Da Cambridge con furore"
Follow them ;)

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Holocaust Memorial day

You who live safe
In your warm houses,
You who find warm food
And friendly faces when you return home.
Consider if this is a man
Who works in mud,
Who knows no peace,
Who fights for a crust of bread,
Who dies by a yes or a no.
Consider if this is a woman
Without hair, without name,
Without the strength to remember,
Empty are her eyes, cold her womb,
Like a frog in winter.
Never forget that this has happened.
Remember these words.
Engrave them in your hearts,
When at home or in the street,
When lying down, when getting up.
Repeat them to your children.
Or may your houses be destroyed,
May illness strike you down,
May your offspring turn their faces from you.

P. Levi

Candle Pictures, Images and Photos

Never forget.

domenica 24 gennaio 2010

Some light of hope

Salvatore Cuffaro, ex governor of the Sicily now in Parliament for the Catholic party, has been condemned for aid and abet to the Mafia.
In the first process he has been absolved.
This is a little victory for all the movements against the Mafia, such as Libera and the Sicilian MOvement of Leftist Students, who have fought over last five years to have this bribed and criminal politician condemned.

giovedì 21 gennaio 2010

Senat approves the short-trial law "pro Berlusconi"

Nothing could do the appeal of Roberto Saviano, signed by more than 500.000 Italians.
The law -previously rejected because it went against the Constitution- has been approved by the Senat and it's now under examination at the Camera.
This law -the so called Lodo Alfano- will turn down all the trials against Silvio Berlusconi.
Roberto Saviano commented "Criminals will benefit from this, only who waits for justice will pay."

lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

Racial laws?

Our Government has decided school classrooms, in Italy, can have just 30% of children-of-immigrants students. I say “children of immigrants” not “foreigner students” as this is the point, in my opinion: racism against those who came to Italy to claim a better life.

I wonder what’s going to happen if in a school there are one hundred students of which forty are children-of-immigrants. What about those ten students that our Government doesn’t like? Are we going to give them the possibility to study or not?

What about the right to education? People should be equal in front of the law…

Do we really want to give THIS Government the possibility to CHANGE our Constitution?

I don’t want it. I’m SCARED. I think this is quite absurd and I think that the worst thing is that MANY people, in Italy think they are right, as in their opinion (not mine!) immigrants spoil our country and break the laws.

I’m scared. And disgusted.


domenica 3 gennaio 2010

Italian Constitution: defending the 1st article

Italian Constitution: defending the 1st article

«Art. 1

L’Italia è una Repubblica democratica, fondata sul lavoro.

La sovranità appartiene al popolo, che la esercita nelle forme e nei limiti della Costituzione. »

«Art. 1
Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labour. Sovereignty belongs to the people and is exercised by the people in the forms and within the limits of the Constitution.»

The minister of Public Administration, Brunetta, said that this is out of date and must be changed.

We -as Italian people- have the duty to preserve the most important article of our Constitution because we have the Sovereignity on this country, not the Parliament, as President Berlusconi said few days ago.

Keep on fighting!