giovedì 31 dicembre 2009

Happy new year...

This is the Italy of “panem et circensem”. This is the italy of the poshy sons with white collars and sweaters burning the clochards because they’re bored.
This is the Italy of the 8th Semptember, of the 25th April, the 2nd of November, 2nd of June.. the Italy forgetting too quickly what She should remember.
This is the Italy of the “cannolo” and “strudel”, of the “babà” and the “torrone”. This is the Italy of the bitter bites.
This is the Italy voting for her killers and then defending them.
This is the Italy of children sitting in front of the tv, dreaming of boobs and asses, enemies to klill and football player to imitate.
This is the Italy of the Mafia as Government, of the Mafia in the core. This is the Italy of “chi ti manda” (who illegally reccomend you?).
This is the Italy going in church on Sundays and of the “chissenefrega” (I’dnt give a fuck about). This is the Italy of neverending theatre.
This is the Italy of the “volemoso bene” (we have to like each other) and of the “ma chi te conosce a te, ahò?” (who knows you, damn?).
This is the Italy of the Agnelli (thefamily owner of the FIAT; buta also “lamb”) and of the wolfes, of the Benetton and of the Armani and who doesn’t care about her poverty.
This is the Italy of the Vatican and of the money given to San Marino.
This is the Italy of 20 states and 110 provinces, 1000 dialects and one Church. This is the Italy of the ruins in the suburbs, of the private properties and of the chikens’ fence.
This is the Italy of forgotten referenda, of laws made ad personam of the righteous indignation only at the convenient time.
This is the Italy of the Bridge of Sighs, where you take a photo at sufference
This is the Italy of the ignorants that want to teach you how to do. It’s the Italy of bankers and advises. It’s the Italy that has a thousand contradictory faces, and has never learnt from it’s history. It’s the Italy of New Years’ Parties, the toast at midnight, of doing the conga at the rythm of a samba.
Best wishes Italy! Wishes to the poor, to the unemploied, to the redundant workers, to the disowned, to the emarginated, to the hospitalized, to the prisoners, to the elder in the hospices, to the orfans, to those that can’t celebrate, to those that don’t want to celebrate, to those that don’t have a home any more, do those that have nothing, not even a friend, to give wishes to…

(trasl.: Bea & Margi)

Questa è l’Italia del panem et circenses. E’ l’Italia dei figli col colletto bianco fuori dal maglioncino che dànno fuoco ai clochards, per noia.
Questa è l’Italia dell’8 settembre, del 25 aprile, del 2 novembre, del 2 giugno… e che dimentica troppo in fretta quel che ci sarebbe da ricordare ogni minuto.
Questa è l’Italia del cannolo e dello strudel, del babà e del torrone. E’ l’Italia dei bocconi amari!
Questa è l’Italia che vota i suoi aguzzini e che li difende.
Questa è l’Italia dei bambini seduti davanti alla tv che sognano tette e culi, nemici da uccidere e calciatori da imitare.
Questa è l’Italia della mafia nel governo, della mafia nel midollo. E’ l’Italia del ‘chi ti manda’?
Questa è l’Italia della messa alla domenica e del ‘chi se ne frega’. E’ l’Italia del teatro permanente.
Questa è l’Italia del ‘volemose bene’ e del ‘ma chi te conosce, aò?’
Questa è l’Italia degli Agnelli (e dei lupi), dei Benetton e degli Armani e che non si cura della miseria.
Questa è l’Italia dello Stato Vaticano e dei soldi a San Marino.
Questa è l’Italia delle 20 regioni e delle 110 province, dei mille dialetti e dell’unica chiesa. E’ l’Italia delle macerie di periferia, delle proprietà private e dei recinti per le galline.
Questa è l’Italia dei referenda dimenticati, delle leggi ad personam e dell’indignazione a convenienza.
Questa è l’Italia del ‘canta che ti passa’.
Questa è l’Italia del Ponte dei Sospiri, dove la sofferenza si fotografa.
Questa è l’Italia degli ignoranti che vogliono insegnarti il come si fa. E’ l’Italia dei banchieri e dei consigli. E’ l’Italia dai mille volti contraddittori che non ha mai saputo imparare dalla propria storia.
Questa è l’Italia del cenone di capodanno, del brindisi di mezzanotte e del trenino a ritmo di samba.
Auguri, Italia! Auguri ai nuovi poveri, ai disoccupati, ai cassintegrati, ai diseredati, agli emarginati, ai ricoverati, ai detenuti, agli anziani negli ospizi, agli orfani, a chi non può festeggiare, a chi non vuole festeggiare, a chi non ha più casa, a chi non ha più niente, neppure un amico a cui dire ‘auguri’.


mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009


Mankind’s Unconscious Mind must be awaken. That Unconscious Collective Mind in Wich we share…memory of Hope’s ember burning there.

Round with the Voices of the Soul commune…A starfilled twilight and radiant moon…

Calling for the spark in every brain…To recognize it as the same…As the spark in everyone…And in joining to become…From an Ember, to a Sun.

Time has come to air the Voice of Reason,in a world gone mad, adrift on banal seas, for all who feel that lies have had their season and whose Hearts Cry Out, instead, for Honesty. For all the weary souls grown bored with dreaming, this thirst for Knowledge and for Beauty goes unslacked, for all who long to wake from what is seeming, and know what’s Real and what is Real to embrace, for all who’ve sat and watched with mounting horror, Evil’s reign upon this world grow ever-clear, for all who’ve sought in vain, Emancipators, wielding Swords of Truth and laughing without fear’

Bill Hicks

martedì 22 dicembre 2009

The words of Napolitano, President of Italian Republic [21/12]

Our President of the Republic has, on the 21st of last December, made a speech
addressed to the President of the Senate, the President of the Deputies-
Chamber, the President of the Constitutional Court, the representatives of the
Governement, Parliament and any other organ and institution of the State. The
speech is made by the end of the year in which Italy, as well as any other
Country, had to face the worst economical crisis ever experienced since 1929, a
crisis which had many and dramatic influences on economical and political
Institutions; it thus includes highly relevant considerations over the balance
of powers at this critical moment, involving also political and law
Institutions. But we are not interested in it as a whole, as we are in internal
policy and its relations with our Constitutional balance. The complete text is
available for italian readers here
aspx?tipo=Discorso&key=1754 : we offer a very informal but pretty faithful
translation of a single part of it, which to us is the most relevant to realize
how critical is the present situation in a Country that by the fall of the
First Repubblic have yet to find peace and Institutional stability and that,
moreover -we need not to forget it- had to face organized criminality since the
end of World War II.

"Unfortunately we can't see, till now, a positive climate
in our pubblic life, a consciousness common to both Majority and Opposition in
the Parliament, a common consciousness which should equally embrace the aspects
of performance and of reform even of the Institutions. This is not a secondary
side, and it isn't separable from the content-discussion about pubblic-
politics. Can we, from this point of view, be satisfied with the present
situation? No-one, no matter how positively he may regard it, can give an
adfirmative answer. Starting from the relationship between Governement and
Parliament: since not a few years but since many terms, it poses serious
elements of criticality [...] It's undeniable that between 2008 and 2009 the
Governement has heavily exherted its power, it hasn't encountered any obstacle
at any level in order to decide and to implement measures it has considered fit
to react to financial and economical crisis. Because of the procedures followed
by the Governements elected by different and even opposite parties, the role of
the Parliament has been curbed: role which presumes not only freedom of
discussion, but also freedom of pronounce, through the ballot-box, on laws
submitted for examination and emendation-proposals. At the same time
legislative-production quality has been heavily conditioned and hit. The
continuous use of decret-law (47 since the beginning of the term), their
becoming more and more overloaded and heterogeneous within its pass through
Parliament, the practice of resorting to abnormal regulation-bundlings in maxi-
sections for which a vote of confidence is called: all these facts have
continued to produce clear distortions of Institutional-balance and of
possible, well-ordered performance of the State [...] All these facts weigh on
the quality-level of legislative action and on the balance of source-system.
It's not by chance that experts wonder if an actual "parallel system" of
regulations hasn't set in, also through the growing use of emergency-measures
and its expansion"

This is just 1/7 of the whole speech, which for the
remaning parts is not as dramatic as is in the part we chose to translate. But,
as an Italian citizen, we can not tremble in hearing the person representing
the Country and the Constitution speaking of "serious elements of criticality",
"role of the Parliament curbed", "legislative-production quality heavily
conditioned and hit", "abnormal regulation-bundlings" and "clear distortions of
Institutional-balance". Moreover, since the President of the Repubblic had
previously (Febbruary 2008) reminded the Institutions that in Italy Politics
and Justice had often appeared "hostile worlds led by mutual mistrust" and
since he needed to readfirm "the untouchable principle of autonomy and
indipendence of the Magistrature"; since our present Governement seems not to
have found a more respectful way to dialogue with Law -i.e. the Magistrature,
the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court which have been several
times totally ignored by the Governement and the Majority and more recently
heavily hit and charged with being factious- we are even more worried and
consider a speech made one year later on the same topics highly relevant and a
clear sign of a serious danger for the Constitutional balance.

trasl. Nicola